Provisioning Ubuntu 22.04 with F3.6.1 ends with broken MBR

Provisioning successfully ends with reboot but upon boot, the VM console reads "WARN: no MBR magic. Treating disk as raw." and tries to reboot again.

Since other F3.6.1 setups work like a charm, this rather points to this particular VM (VMware ESXi) as the source of the problem. We couldn’t get it unstuck by recreating the VM definition and wonder if anyone here ever encountered a similar situation.

I’m pondering about tweaking the script to comment out the reboot command and take a look at the system via ALT-F2 another console?

Thanks in advance

Ok, that clearly had to be some minor issue. Turns out, for whatever reason, installation is performed on /dev/sdb instead of /dev/sda. We are still looking into it.

sigh So as opposed to the recommended requirements (are those “recommended” 2.5GB a typo!?) we had allotted 10GB for the primary drive in that particular setup for ages now. Setting that to 20GB brought relief. Ah well, had so scrub sdb by hand otherwise GRUB would recognize it as an alternative OS partition.