Provisionning alma without CV and LC not possible anymore

Problem: Oops, we’re sorry but something went wrong Lifecycle environment must be specified

Expected outcome: Being able to provision almalinux without using content View and LifeCycle

Foreman and Proxy versions: 3.7.1 with Katello 4.9.2

A few weeks ago, I was able to install almalinux without using Content View and Lifecyle. I was happy with that, because I don’t need them.
Today the foreman behaviour seems to have change, and everytime I’m trying to provision a host with alma i got this error.
Is this normal ?
I can still install Ubuntu without using CV ans Lifecylce, but for how long ? Is it this the way Foreman wants to constrain it’s users to work ?

When you create a host with EL, you can install it from synchronized content. For this, you need to specific versioned content using CV and LE. For Debian/Ubuntu, you cannot install from synchronized content.

Make sure your hostgroup either assigns both CV and LCE, or neither.

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Everything is configured to use Default Organization View for LC and Library as CV.

Are the hostgroup(s) assigning activation keys? That’s the only other possibility I can think of.

Otherwise, you could try upgrading to Katello 4.10 and let us know if that improves things.

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I made some other tests and the results are :
When I create a new host to build, it works. But if I stop the build, edit the host and then when click on submit, it complains about the lack of LifeCycle. Even if nothing was changed.

I finally upgrade to foreman 3.8 with katello 4.10 and everything works fine.

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