Proxmox/VM creation issues with 3.9/4.11

When creating a VM, the number of cores set in the gui is being ignored. When updating a VM after it is created setting the number of cores works fine.

Expected outcome:
To pay attention to the number of cores

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman 3.9

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:

Other relevant data:
From log file:

create vm: args={"type"=>"qemu", "vmid"=>"105", "node_id"=>"redactedproxmox", "start_after_create"=>"1", "pool"=>"", "config_attributes"=>{"descr
iption"=>"", "boot"=>"", "onboot"=>"1", "agent"=>"1", "kvm"=>"1", "vga"=>"std", "scsihw"=>"virtio-scsi-pci", "bios"=>"seabios", "cpu_type"=>"host", "sockets"=>"1", "cores"=>"", "
vcpus"=>"", "cpulimit"=>"", "cpuunits"=>"", "numa"=>"0", "spectre"=>"0", "pcid"=>"0", "ssbd"=>"0", "ibpb"=>"0", "virt_ssbd"=>"0", "amd_ssbd"=>"0", "amd_no_ssb"=>"0", "md_clear"=>
"0", "pdpe1gb"=>"0", "hv_tlbflush"=>"0", "aes"=>"0", "hv_evmcs"=>"0", "memory"=>"32768", "balloon"=>"", "shares"=>"", "ostype"=>"l26", "name"=>"redactedhostname"}
, "volumes_attributes"=>{"0"=>{"storage_type"=>"hard_disk", "storage"=>"ssd", "controller"=>"virtio", "device"=>"0", "cache"=>"none", "size"=>"128", "id"=>"virtio0"}}, "name"=>"n", "provision_method"=>"build", "firmware_type"=>:bios, "interfaces_attributes"=>{"0"=>{"id"=>"net0", "model"=>"virtio", "bridge"=>"vmbr0", "tag"=>
"53", "firewall"=>"0", "link_down"=>"0", "ip"=>nil, "ip6"=>""}}}

Further info. If I set the number of vCPUs to 4 and number of cores to 4 it gives an error as it can’t have that many vCPUs, but, the vCPUS does make it into the log file in the create.

"cpu_type"=>"host", "sockets"=>"1", "cores"=>"", "vcpus"=>"4"

Now, what is interesting is, when the page refreshes after the failure, the number of cores field is now blank. So, maybe something with cores value not being mapped properly in the form?