Proxy.log: curl: (3) <url> malformed (when build buttons is pressed for a server)

[I] [579000] Started task /usr/bin/curl\ –silent\ –show-error\ –connect-timeout\ 10\ –retry\ 3\ –retry-delay\ 10\ –max-time\ 3600\ –remote-time\ –time-cond\ file\ /var/lib/tftpboot/boot/wl-rhel8-7-NAm8uM3QSYYo-initrd.img\ –write-out\ Task\ done,\ result:\ %{http_code},\ size\ downloaded:\ %{size_download}b,\ speed:\ %{speed_download}b/s,\ time:\ %{time_total}ms\ –output\ /var/lib/tftpboot/boot/wl-rhel8-7-NAm8uM3QSYYo-initrd.img\ –location\ http://my_ip_addr:812/RHEL/RHEL-8.7/images/pxeboot/initrd.img
2023-04-19T15:18:28 61b86e69 [W] [578996] curl: (3) malformed

2023-04-19T15:18:29 61b86e69 [W] [579000] curl: (3) malformed

Expected outcome:
Normally, the image is downloaded

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
Distribution and version:
RHEL 8.7
Other relevant data:

When using manually : /usr/bin/curl --output /var/lib/tftpboot/boot/wl-rhel8-7-NAm8uM3QSYYo-initrd.img --location http://my_ip_addr:812/RHEL/RHEL-8.7/images/pxeboot/initrd.img

It’s work fine.

Thank you for your help

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I am having this issue as well exactly as described.

This is a regression which should be fixed in Foreman 3.5.3 (via Bug #36209: tftp initrd/vmlinux generation: curl malformed - Smart Proxy - Foreman) soon.