Proxy setting for GCE ComputeRessource

is it possible to implement an proxy support to the gce ressource like the aws?

I’m not a programmer but testet to join the dropdown option in the gce template but without any success.

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Editing this post because I understand what you mean now. I don’t think that is currently possible. I will find a link .

Here are some docs that outline what is possible for the GCE compute resource:

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Here is the last reference I can think of:

Here @Justin_Sherrill states it is only for EC2 for the moment. I am happy to stand corrected if this is updated.

Thank you for the fast answer. So there is no chance to connect a CR like gce over proxy?

Yes currently the only compute resource integrated into the ‘HTTP Proxies’ support is EC2, you can however set the older global foreman setting (under administer > settings):

http_proxy “Sets a proxy for all outgoing HTTP connections from Foreman. System-wide proxies must be configured at operating system level”

Note the text, this is for ALL outgoing connections. You can then create exceptions to not use the proxy with the ‘http_proxy_except_list’ setting.


A ok, my bad. Thanks.

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As @Justin_Sherrill mentioned, only EC2 compute resource has ‘HTTP Proxies’ support. I didn’t see any existing issue opened related to it under GCE so you can open one on
Issues - Foreman under category ‘Compute resources - GCE’.

Why we started this feature when it is only half-baked? This is really confusing. Fixing all CRs should not be too difficult.