Pull requests testing stalled for ~15 hours

Foreman devs,

We had an outage in our Jenkins pull requests testing service that lasted
from 6:09 AM until 9:26 PM (July 16th).

After some investigation, Greg Sutcliffe discovered Jenkins did not pull
some gems that are installed when running "bundle install" locally. The
test suite was passing locally but not on Jenkins because it could not pull
gems "fog-json" and "fog-brightbox".

We are not sure what is making Jenkins not able to pull these gems and its
under investigation, but to ensure new pull requests get tested properly,
he wrote a fix that explicitly adds the gems to bundler. Unfortunately I
was afk at that point in time and I could not merge it until 5 hours later.

I would suggest sending personal mails if you find any critical issue and
nobody is answering on IRC, in my case I would have gotten a notification
on the phone.

Pending pull requests will start their tests now.

Sorry for the inconvenience, accept our most sincere apology.

··· -- Daniel Lobato




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