Pulp-admin no reposistory


Unable to synchronize repositories with proxy due to sha256 checksum errors

“Checksum type “sha256” is not available for all units in the repository. Make sure those units have been downloaded. (Katello::Errors::PulpError)”

I was unable to sync products that had Srpms attached. Red hat provide a work around to delete the Srpms from pulp using the pulp-admin client.
I can use pulp-admin on the proxies to delete the Srpms however the pulp-admin on the foreman server show no rpm or srpm.

I have updated all repos not to include Srpm’s in the future.

Expected outcome:
Able to identify Srpms held in the pulp database using

pulp-admin --username admin --password $pass repo list | egrep -A 2 "^$|^Id:|^Display|Rpm:|Srpm:" | egrep -v "Yum Repo Metadata|^Description" > srpms.txt

to be abe to delete Srpm files from foreman and proxys as per https://access.redhat.com/solutions/1295653

 pulp-admin --username admin --password $pass rpm repo remove srpm --repo-id "<pulp_repo_id>" --filters '{}'

Foreman and Proxy versions:

  • foreman-proxy-2.3.5-1.el7.noarch
  • foreman-release-2.3.5-1.el7.noarc

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

  • katello-3.18.3-1.el7.noarch
  • pulp-server-2.21.5-1.el7.noarch
  • pulp-admin-client-2.21.5-1.el7.noarch

Distribution and version:
Foreman 2.3
Katello 3.18
Pulp 2.21
Other relevant data:

From Foreman server: no listing at all

pulp-admin rpm repo list

RPM Repositories

From proxy server lists 367 Id’s, only Oracle linux 6&7 have Srpm’s
RPM Repositories
Id: 3-Oracle6_foreman23_Katello_client-Library-2527d876-ccb4-4a
Display Name: Oracle_Linux_6_Security_update_9
Description: None
Content Unit Counts:
Erratum: 4
Rpm: 22
Srpm: 4