Pulp redis connection issue at https://myhostname.honeywell.com/pulp/api/v3


I update from :

Foreman 3.1/Katello4.3 to Foreman 3.2/Katello4.4


Foreman 3.2/Katello4.4 to Foreman 3.3/Katello4.5

Since the last update I have an issue with pulp3 , I’m not able to update products for example.
All services seems to be up and running.

Some output :

[root@az66u1971 ~]# hammer ping
Status: FAIL
Server Response: Message: Pulp redis connection issue at https://az66u1971.honeywell.com/pulp/api/v3.

For status :

“redis_connection”: {
“connected”: false

cat /var/log/foreman/production.log | grep redis

2022-06-29T13:51:30 [E|bac|83dc7a74] There was an issue with the backend service pulp3: Pulp redis connection issue at https://az66u1971.honeywell.com/pulp/api/v3. (RuntimeError)

2022-06-29T14:35:23 [W|app|438eb570] Pulp redis connection issue at https://az66u1971.honeywell.com/pulp/api/v3.

I follow the documentation : Upgrading and Updating Foreman

I am not able to find the issue, Could you somebody give a direction ?

Thank you very much,

Katello 4.5 is still an RC, and yeah that’s a known bug right now, at least reported twice here :slight_smile:

So if this is a prod system, I hope you made a backup before, not sure if there is a way to roll back without a backup / snapshot :thinking:


Thank you for your feedback.

It’s in Prod, I didn’t do a snapshot this time :confused:

It’s not possible to downgrade Katello ?

So there is only RC for Katello 4.5 and Foreman 3.3 is not compatible with Katello 4.4

I will try to Downgrade Foreman to 3.2 and Katello 4.4…

If not I will try a foreman-maintain backup offline, fresh install of a Foreman 3.2 and restore

I’m not sure if this is even possible, because there are made database upgrades during the upgrade :confused:

Someone from the Katello dev team would have to comment on that, I guess :thinking:

I will wait if I received a feedback from the Katello Dev Team.
if not I will reinstall everything from scratch and re-register all nodes during the Weekend :sweat:

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@iballou Sorry for bothering you here as well, but do you know a way back, if no Snapshot/Backup is present?

A downgrade would be pretty difficult, especially since a new version of Pulp was introduced. I’m trying to get a 4.4 env up now to upgrade and check for issues.

In the meantime, what is the status of your pulpcore services?

Also, are there any errors on your smart proxy? And this is EL8 ?


Thank you for your help @iballou and @lumarel

It’s running on Centos 7.9

All services are up.

I found a backup of the VM , I am currently upgrading it to 3.2.

But I kept the broken one, If you want me to try something I will do it.

Happy to hear you found a backup! I can’t think of anything to try right now, but let’s see if anyone else has any ideas.

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Hi @FabR,

Just wanted to make sure you saw this: Upgrade issue to 4.4.1 - Internal Server Error (and a notice about 4.5 RC2) - #11 by jamesn

Seems to be the solution. We’ll take a look at why that got flipped.