Pulp2 to Pulp3 migration path for smart proxies?

Is there a documented migration path from pulp2 to pulp3 for existing content smart proxies or should I simply reload?

Refer to Pulp3 content migration and external content proxy - #2 by ehelms

Unfortunately there is still not an available migration path yet for content proxy’s and existing proxies running Pulp 2 will continue to work.
You have to either create a new smart proxy for pulp 3 or upgrade the existing one and re-sync

Is it only me or this is not very clear in the documentation ?

I was fully aware that I needed to migrate my content on the Master, as per the documentation, but I assumed (which clearly I shouldn’t have) that the smart proxy will get the migrated content as well.

This is briefly discussed in the thread linked by Partha_Aji, but isn’t there a “simple” way to simply tell the Smart proxy to drop all the pulp2 repositories and simply sync back the pulp3 repositories ?
With a configuration for the smart proxy as “on demand” it would only be a matter of metadata and configuration no ?

I think it is probably not just you. I think the documentation mostly just describes the basic main Foreman server “good weather” path for the 2to3 migration…

We found its easiest and faster, just to upgrade the smartproxy components to katello 4.x, remove the pulp2 stuff including mongo, and just do a full resync of the smart proxies instead of doing any migration on the smart proxies.

Thank you - that sounds a very appealing approach.

I’m operating in both a restrictive network envionment, and an environment that has a very low tolerarance for package downtime. So I’ve been putting this off hoping for the last 12 months hoping it would receive some developer attention, which unfortunately didn’t happen. It’s probably time to get this over with.

I have installed a new server with the katello 4/pulp 3 content proxy. That was pretty quick and easy. Then I have pointed all my clients to the new proxy and eventually decommissioned the old one. That way, there was no downtime.

Thanks - yes this was my only strategy up until now but it means getting the network restrictions duplicated for a period of time which is an IT change management nightmare in some of my datacenters and then removing the old network permissions once I’ve decommed pulp2. So I’ve been putting it off.

Hi, how did you proceed to remove the pulp2 Stuff ? Simply uninstalled it ? Removed the proxy from the lifecycle Environment ?

There is a procedure in foreman-maintain and the upgrade manual recommends running foreman-maintain content remove-pulp2. The source for it is pretty clear in what it does:

Hi there,
Thank you for your reply
Would this work on smart proxies without a problem and without running the foreman content migration before ? (I don’t mind having to trigger a full resync on my smart proxies, but I don’t want to keep the old pulp2 repositories)

Also need to do a couple of manual steps if you had separate LV’s for mongo etc.

In addition to:
foreman-maintain content remove-pulp2