Pulp3 -> /var/lib/pulp/published missing

I am comparing the two files /pulp/manifests/config.pp
The comparison is between the above files for foreman 1.22.1 and 2.5.
I am aware that pulpcore has been replaced with class pulp.

We have some reference in the original config.pp

How do i add the above files when the pulp3 in my directory /var/lib doesn’t have published directory not there.

Is there any module option i need to have during the install of foreman-install procedure so the published directory gets created?

Those were directories not files. Those were pulp2 directories. They were used by pulp2. There are obsolete and thus removed by with the switch to pulp3.

No. The installer now creates all directories required for pulp3. pulp3 organizes everything differently in different directories. Even if the old directories existed, they are meaningless and not used anymore.