pulpcore-3.18-rpm-pipeline 73 failed

Pulpcore 3.18 RPM pipeline failed:


@evgeni any idea on why this repoclosure only fail for EL9? Is that due to the Epoch?

I guess so?

Our own build (python-pygobject-3.40.1-3.el9 | Build Info | koji) has the epoch, but it is untagged.

The build in EL9 is differently named and has no epoch:

# rpm -q --provides python3-gobject.x86_64
python-gobject = 3.40.1-5.el9
python3-gobject = 3.40.1-5.el9
python3-gobject(x86-64) = 3.40.1-5.el9
python3.9-gobject = 3.40.1-5.el9

# rpm -q --qf '%{NEVRA}' python3-gobject.x86_64

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