Pulpcore 3.28 Deprecation

Now that we are about to Katello 4.12, we don’t have any supported version running Pulpcore 3.28.

I’m planing to deprecate[1] Pulpcore 3.28 next week, this is the last version built with Python 3.9, maintaining 2 versions of Python is complicated and require a lot of juggling with version bumps, especially when it’s necessary to update for both python 3.11 and 3.9. Removing 3.28 also means that we are not tied to koji anymore for Pulp RPMs, we will be 100% copr based moving forward.

We can also finally drop the pulp-installer[2], and move to only using the puppet-pulpcore module that we already use on Katello,

1 - Remove Pulpcore 3.28 pipelines by Odilhao · Pull Request #435 · theforeman/jenkins-jobs · GitHub
2 - Drop pulp-installer pipelines and switch Pulp 3.39 to puppet-pulpcore by Odilhao · Pull Request #1799 · theforeman/forklift · GitHub