Puppet 6 Supported in Foreman 1.22?


I just updated to foreman 1.22 and noticed in the release notes that puppetca for puppet 6 now works with foreman1.22. Does that mean puppet 6 is now supported?

Thank you


Yes, it is supported. The installer is updated to use the correct configurations but I don’t think we’ve updated the manual instructions yet to migrate. We have configuration file migrations in the proxy, but I don’t know how well we’ve tested those. Our automation mostly relies on the installer.


is there an upgrade process? from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 for Puppet 6? any documentation would be great.


Found this for Puppet 4->5, are we to expect something of a similar format? Upgrading from Puppet 4 to 5 - Foreman


I haven’t tested it yet, but I would expect the same reset-parameters and no special handling like the reinstall.
If someone is willing to try, the Upgrading guide is a wiki page, so everyone can create and afterwards extend it.


The upgrade should be similar, but I actually made an effort to make it easier. Refactor #25839: Avoid storing puppetserver version related parameters in the answer file - Installer - Foreman (part of 1.21.0) was intended to automatically do the upgrade depending on the installed Puppet version, but I must admit I haven’t done the full job of documenting this as well. The intended support level should be that you just install the Puppet 6 packages, rerun the installer and it should update configs. If this doesn’t work, it’s a bug we should address.


this is what i came up with it. The upgrade went successfully. I upgraded the Foreman first to 1.22 just following the upgrade guide.

For the puppet i used the following steps and upgraded successfully. I am not sure if they are all required but i tried twice and the following commands worked.

Puppet 6 Upgrade:
#Remove existing Puppet 5 server
yum remove puppetserver

Remove Puppet 5 repo channel

yum remove puppet5-release-5.0.0-6.el7.noarch
#Install Puppet 6 Repo channel
rpm -Uvh http://yum.puppetlabs.com/puppet6/puppet-release-el-7.noarch.rpm

Install Puppet server 6.4

yum install puppetserver
#Update Puppet Agent
yum update puppet-agent
#Resinstall Puppet agent aoth
yum reinstall puppet-agent-oauth
#Run Foreman installer
foreman-installer --noop --dont-save-answers --verbose
#Reset puppet proxy etc in foreman
foreman-installer --reset-puppet-server-jvm-extra-args --reset-puppet-server-puppetserver-version --reset-puppet-server-puppetserver-metrics --reset-puppet-server-puppetserver-experimental
#Restart Web service then test Foreman from Web console
service httpd restart
#Optional update the system
yum update


[root@myserver ~]# yum list installed | grep puppet
puppet-agent.x86_64 5.5.13-1.el7 @puppet5
puppet-agent-oauth.noarch 0.5.1-3.el7 @foreman
puppet-bolt.x86_64 1.17.0-1.el7 @puppet5
puppet5-release.noarch 5.0.0-6.el7 @puppet5
puppetserver.noarch 5.3.8-1.el7 @puppet5

[root@myserver ~]# yum list installed | grep puppet
puppet-agent.x86_64 6.5.0-1.el7 @puppet
puppet-agent-oauth.noarch 0.5.1-3.el7 @foreman
puppet-bolt.x86_64 1.23.0-1.el7 @puppet
puppet-release.noarch 1.0.0-7.el7 @puppet
puppetserver.noarch 6.4.0-1.el7 @puppet