Puppet 8 templates

Is anyone working on updating templates to allow for puppet 8 installs?

If not I will and should I pull out puppet 6 at the same time?



I’m guessing this is the bug open for this Bug #36360: include installation parameter to support puppet 8 - Foreman

Here there!

You might have overlooked this thread here :slight_smile:

which also mentions the overall project in GH where the PRs look to be collected:

Ah thanks for that.

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I want to clarify that I’ve only scoped that to the installer. Granted, the installer is a significant part but it won’t be all. With Ensure Puppet 8 support by ekohl · Pull Request #899 · theforeman/foreman-installer · GitHub I’ve verified that at least all modules are individually individually claim to support Puppet 8. There hasn’t been any end to end testing and no PR to support it for newly provisioned hosts.