Puppet-certs can't be executed with puppet agent

Hi All,

In our test environment, puppet agent errors [1] when executing puppet-cert (http://<http://github.com/Katello/puppet-certs/><http://github.com/Katello/puppet-certs/><http://github.com/Katello/puppet-certs/><http://github.com/Katello/puppet-certs/><http://github.com/Katello/puppet-certs/><http://github.com/Katello/puppet-certs/><http://github.com/Katello/puppet-certs/>github.com/Katello/puppet-certs/<http://github.com/Katello/puppet-certs/>), where line 170 corresponds with the line indicated from init.pp [2].

The actual exception seems to be raised in lib/puppet/type/certs_comon.rb:46, where the value passed to the ca::ca has a value but is not a variable of type Puppet::Resource

This seems odd, as the code works very well with puppet apply.

Were using Centos7 httpd/passenger/puppet 3.8.7-1


[1] -

Error: Failed to apply catalog: Parameter ca failed on Ca[katello-server-ca]: Expected Ca resource at /etc/puppet/modules/certs/manifests/init.pp:170


$default_ca = Ca[$default_ca_name]

if $certs::server_cert {
ca { $certs::server_ca_name:
ensure => present,
generate => $certs::generate,
deploy => $certs::deploy,
custom_pubkey => $certs::server_ca_cert,
} else {
ca { $certs::server_ca_name:
ensure => present,
generate => $certs::generate,
deploy => $certs::deploy,
ca => $certs::default_ca,
} #<— this line
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