Puppet facts as foreman parameter overrides

Foreman parameter values, both global and smart variables, can use the
same templating syntax that templates use
(TemplateWriting - Foreman).

Using <%= @host.ip %> should work to get the primary IP address.

··· On 11/09/16 05:08, sybari wrote: > I have a class that I would like to override a hash parameter for using > Foreman 1.12.2, and I'd like one of the values I pass through in this > hash to be the IP address of the host the class is running against. > > I have looked at ways to pass through facter, hiera, etc. but can't seem > to find the right answer here. > > Is this possible? If so, how can I reference the ip address of the host > in question in Foreman?

Dominic Cleal