Puppet Modules and Dependency Updates

I know we have r10k and Foreman/Katello - haven’t ever been able to update puppet module updates without crashing everything. Where can I find help on how to do this and even better handle dependency resolution.

Foreman 3.3/Katello 4.5

RHEL 7.9

Are you talking about Puppet modules for managing the Foreman/Katello installation or the ones that are available inside Foreman to manage hosts?

Either way, dependency resolution is usually handled by tools like GitHub - voxpupuli/librarian-puppet which will find compatible dependency versions based on what’s in your Puppetfile.

So it literally is just update the version in the puppetfile to the version you want to update to and it will handle the rest…no apply or whatever? Wow. Thanks that is much less complicated than I was making it.

librarian can handle the translation from “I need module-x version 1.0.0” to “install module-x 1.0.0 and dependency-1.2.2” and then execute that action (or delegate it to r10k/g10k by generating a puppetfile.lock, if you prefer that)

Yes I am running and testing now. Thanks, it appears to be exactly what I needed.