Puppet plugin release and its future

Hi all!

as you’ve probably noticed, we are working hard on making puppet optional and we’ve come long way.


  • Foreman Puppet plugin has been released for testing
  • We are looking for puppet plugin maintainers

The plugin, that will contain most of the puppet related funcionality is going to be pre-released with Foreman 2.4 version, so this funcionality will be deprecated 2.4 onwards and removed in 3.0, which will probably follow after 2.5.

I’d like to ask everyone who can help with testing to install the plugin in development and testing environments. It contains a lot of funcionality, so it is unlikely to be stable right away.

This effort has been done mostly by me as there were not a lot of resources to help me and I’m happy to announce that it is looking good and we’re on the right track to get it done.

Reasons for the extraction effort have been discussed elsewhere, so I’m not going to list them here, but one of them is that not all core maintainers and users see a value in having the Puppet as part of Foreman core anymore. I’m one of those who don’t see the value and think that it slows down a core developement.

I’ve tried my best to make the plugin as maintainable as possible and I will take it to a stable plugin with all the needed tooling and I’ll try to fix major bugs, but I’ll not be able to make any major changes and improvements as it will not be my priority maintaining the plugin.

I strongly believe in value of the plugin and I know there are people in community who want to see it maintained, but I’ll not be able to give it anough attention myself. Without the proper attention though the plugin will soon loose its value and that would be shame. If you are able to participate in maintaining the plugin in any way (documentation, RFCs and development) or know of someone who would be willing to do that, please contact me, I’ll help onboard anyone who asks and ease the entry barrier as much as possible.

Lets keep the Puppet integration with Foreman great together.



thanks for the great work, @ezr-ondrej!

As ATIX orcharhino’s aim is to be as vendor independent as possible, orcharhino will also support puppet together with SaltStack and Ansible as configuration management options in the future.

Therefore we are happy to help maintaining the new puppet plugin as part of the orcharhino development efforts.

orcharhino is a commercially supported downstream product of Foreman/Katello like Satellite6.


Thank you @hlawatschek sounds great !

Let me know once you have names of candidates, we can figure out how to onboard them :slight_smile:

@ezr-ondrej: We’ve discussed this very sad news at work and @laugmanuel and I would like to offer our help in maintaining the plugin.


We are going to have a meeting discussing this. It will happen on March 30th, here are details:

@ezr-ondrej , I would like to help to keep the puppet integration with Foreman. We use puppet and it’s difficult not to have it in foreman.

Hey @pyper - you can find a good summary of what to expect here: Foreman Community Demo