Puppetserver facts -> Foreman

Currently in my environment I have a puppetserver set up external from Foreman with no smart-proxy installed on the puppetserver. Right now, I’d just like to be able to set up a method to have puppetserver send fact data to Foreman. I’ve read through the puppet ENC documentation in Foreman, however it doesn’t specify whether what I’m trying to do requires a smart-proxy to be set up on the puppetserver. Again, I only want puppet facts sent to Foreman, I’m not interested right now in having Foreman manage my entire puppet environment. If a smart proxy is required on the puppetserver, which options should I be passing to foreman-installer to accomplish this? Do I still need to use the node.rb ENC file to send facts? Is a smart proxy even needed?

I went through the procedure in the ENC documentation but it appears that the node.rb file is looking in a foreman facts directory that is empty.

Hi there, let’s go by parts. For integrating Foreman with an external puppetdb you may use: https://github.com/theforeman/puppetdb_foreman I believe it should be working/compatible.
Foreman :: Manual → search for PuppetDB integration

If I remember correctly, the default node.rb will do.

A proxy will help reduce the security concerns but it’s not mandatory, it’s not needed on the puppetserver AFAIK. Personally, I do have proxy instances to split network traffic and fine-grain permissions, etc.

hope this helps as a starter

Thanks @kalessin for the info, I’ll have to dig into this plugin and return with any questions…

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