Put current packages in content views


I’ facing the problem, that we want to stage software as usual with content views through 3 stages (dev, test, prod). Everything fine until here.

But there it one repo with rpm’s that get heavily deployed (several new versions a day). This repo should look always current for all clients every.

So my question is: Can Katello somehow bypass a repo around a content view?

I had the idea to use composite content views for that, but this means to publish multiple content views a day.



Hello, i had a similar problem. The solution was to use composite content views. A content view containing OS packages, snapshotted every 3 months, and the repository with higher refresh rate on a content view updated when required. The CCV was then refreshed when a CV was updated, using as reference the latest version.


Hi Luca,

thank you for your reply.

How often do you refresh the content view? I’ll need to update it every 30 minutes, this means around 17000 versions a year. Do you have any experience with this high number of CVs?