PXE Build - User data template not propagating to external Capsule


I am working with a Red Hat Satellite 6.8.3 setup - we have approached Red Hat Support but right now everyone including Red Hat is stumped, so reaching out to the Foreman community in hopes someone might have seen this before.

Issue is as follows:

  1. Setup is a single Satellite 6.8.3 server, with 3 Capsule servers attached (each in different network zones).
  2. We want to provision over PXE in one of these zones from a Capsule server.
  3. On the Satellite, we cloned the “Kickstart default user data” template, and made some edits to it (e.g. install VMware tools, write a date stamp to a file as an indication of success).
  4. We create a new Operating System that references this newly cloned template, and associate the two.
  5. We create a Host Group that ties all of this together with the correct Capsule, subnet, activation key and so on.
  6. We create a new Host using the above created artefacts. We ensure that the templates resolve successfully, and that our new template is used for the user data.
  7. We PXE boot the new host. Everything works fine until the user data script runs - at the point, the “Kickstart default user data” script is run, and none of our script changes ever make it to the server.

Expected outcome:

New host should be built using the user data template that was cloned, edited, and assigned to the operating system that the host was built against.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Red Hat Satellite 6.8.3 and Capsule 6.8.3

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Not sure - but can get these if required.

Distribution and version:

Running on RHEL 7.9 x86_64

Other relevant data:

We’ve tried a number of things, including deleting and creating a new user data template, creating a new operating system and re-associating the template, building a brand new host - nothing changes the behaviour. No errors of note in production.log. Really not sure where to look next - any and all help appreciated!!


I was contacted by support and I replied yesterday - for PXE you do not use user data template. In case of PXE BIOS, you need to associate PXELinux and Kickstart templates. Userdata is used for image spawning in clouds and virtualization via cloud-init.

This is all documented here:


Let me know if you have further questions.