PXE Less Foreman discovery disk names inconsistent

When provisioning using a foreman discovery image (3.8 or 4.1) the drive names change between FDI and the kickstart partitioning resulting in the OS being installed on the wrong disk.

Expected outcome:
drive names as reported to foreman discovery in facts doesn’t change when installing.

RedHat 8.8 and 9.1 provisioning
Katello 4.3
Foreman 3.1.1
Foreman Discovery Image 4.1.0

Classified system so logs are unavailable

That sounds like a bug. Would you mind sharing more details about the storage and the facts that are being reported by FDI?

yeah, steps with more detailed information would be useful for the reproduction.

I think we may put this one down to Muppet error! I don’t seem to be able to replicate it again now. It was either my ineptitude or a combination of hardware and Foreman discover images which I’m unable to repeat.