PXE provisioning bare metal failed

Hello everyone,

I’m facing an issue with the provisioning of some bare metal servers…The servers are old HP proliant G7 from 2010.

Here’s the issue :
When i’m booting on PXE, the DHCP gave me correctly the good IP et It loads the pxelinux.o file as well.
After, It tries to load the configuration’s file through pxelinux.cfg(GUID, Mac and default) but ends in with this error :

TFTP prefix : bios/
Unable to locate configuration file

So, I don’t understand why It can’t locate the config file. The folder pxelinux.cfg contains the correct file with the correct mac-address created by Foreman.

Maybe, I didn’t create correctly the host in Foreman ? I set PXELinux BIOS as PXE Loader.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:



Once PXELinux loads up it should search for the configuration Foreman set up automatically. What’s in the system log where TFTP daemon logs info? You should see it there.

This prefix is weird. What OS and version is that PXELinux (pxelinux.0) coming from?