PXE provisioning with Foreman server on AWS and Smart Proxies on-prem?

I’m planning a Foreman installation and ran across Deploying Foreman on Amazon Web Services. I’m wondering if it’s possible to still do PXE provisioning and discovery if you’re only hosting the Foreman server in AWS but all your smart proxies are on-prem. If you have your smart proxies managing DHCP, does that alleviate the issue where it says

In AWS, you cannot manage the DHCP. Because of this, most of Foreman server’s kickstart and PXE provisioning models are unusable


We’re only going to be provisioning on-prem bare-metal systems, so the only reasons I’m considering AWS for the Foreman server itself is:

1.Our VMware resources are strapped
2. It would provide a good high-availability solution
3. We get a really good price on AWS

But, if the issue regarding DHCP is something in the Foreman server and not on the proxies, I imagine I’m out of luck for PXE provisioning on AWS. I’m hoping someone can enlighten me a bit!


Didn’t tried this scenario (yet) but this should work with a proxy in your on-prem subnet. Just create the corresponding subnet and set your proxy as “DHCP Proxy” in “Subnets > Proxies (tab)”.

Let us know if this worked for you.


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