PXEGrub2 files missing

I have installed a new foreman server and all tftp files except pxelinux.cfg/$mac are missing.
In the operating system i have the grub and the grub2 template associated.
I can generate the template in preview mode.

Expected outcome:
grub.cfg-$mac file generated on tftp server
Foreman and Proxy versions:
1.24.3 but had the same problems on 2.x versions
Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:
Centos 7.8.2003
Other relevant data:
In my logs i can see
production.log:2020-09-03T00:02:34 [I|app|7e39f2eb] Rendering Kickstart default PXELinux
production.log:2020-09-03T00:02:35 [I|app|7e39f2eb] Rendering Kickstart default PXEGrub
production.log:2020-09-03T00:02:35 [I|app|7e39f2eb] Rendering Kickstart default PXEGrub2
production.log:2020-09-03T00:02:35 [I|app|7e39f2eb] Rendering Kickstart default iPXE
production.log:2020-09-03T00:02:39 [I|app|b2a26d7e] Deploying TFTP PXELinux configuration for harry-monsees.stet.local
But nothing about deployment of PXEGrub files …

Hello, by default Foreman deploys all template kinds as long as they are associated and in the correct organization and location. Start with that and double check this. If they are not in the same org/log Foreman just skips them as the user don’t have access to them.

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Yes i know,
it’s the default template for the default location and the default organization.
If it was a mistake on location i couldn’t associate the template in system tab right ?

I only have admin user, the default location and the default organization …
And the template are functionnal, i test to clone the pxegrub2 template and set it as a pxelinux template. Now the file in pxelinux.cfg is the pxegrub2 one.
I don’t understand where is the problem, in the logs i can see the rendering but no deploying…
thank you

Weird, if it renders and deploys one, then it must do it for others too. It’s a small Ruby loop and API call. Maybe permissions/selinux on the target directory? Every single type has a different directory and it might silently skip it?!?

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All the permissions are rights and selinux too …
With my “hack” to deploy the pxegrub2 as pxelinux.cfg and after copy it in the right directory, i have another weird thing. After installation foreman change the file pxegrub2 file with the right template…
I will try with a new installation.