QPID Broken Default Configuration


Here’s another problem scenario, I need to do a restore onto a new RHEL7 server of 3.2. I fresh installed 3.2, full restored my backup and hit this.

I’m going to try the workaround, think its possible?


Got this to work on new RHEL7 / katello 3.2 install, full-restore from existing 3.2 system using the config file posted by @stbenjam, after updating the hostname ‘id:’ var, and creating a log dir for qdrouterd:

sed -i ‘s/centos7-katello-3-5.zpm.example.com/<your.hostname.com>/’ /etc/qpid-dispatch/qdrouterd.conf
mkdir /var/log/qdrouterd/ ; chown qdrouterd /var/log/qdrouterd ; chmod 744 /var/log/qdrouterd