Question about postgresql/rhel support in future

So I’ve read the following in the nightly release notes:
2.1. PostgreSQL upgraded to 13 on Enterprise Linux 8
On Enterprise Linux 8 PostgreSQL is upgraded from 12 to 13, to match the version used on Enterprise Linux 9

While I understand this is a strategic move to have the same postgresql version on EL8 and EL9 to simplify the support of both OS, I’m wondering if this means it might result in EL8 being unsupported in a near future. On RHEL8 appstream, PostgreSQL 13 end of life is planned for May 2026 so I guess that until that point, both OS may be supported but that EL8 support could be dropped at that point or a bit sooner.

I guess that keeping PostgreSQL 12 and 13 support is out of question here to allow foreman/Satellite support beyond May 2026 on EL8?

I don’t expect problems, because we’ll likely drop EL8 support altogether before 2026. We should put up some formal deprecation for that timeline, but I think around Foreman 3.13, which comes out early 2025 if my math is correct. Then 3.12 goes EOL around mid 2025.

I think so. We upgraded because of leapp, allowing in place EL8 → EL9 upgrades. That only works if we’re first on PG 13.