[Question] 'All hosts' Search for ansible_roles does not show hosts which inherit roles from hostgroup

Hello again Foreman-Community,
this time I have a question regarding searches in Foreman, which i am not sure if it is intended or not.
Is there a way to search for all hosts who will apply a specific ansible-role for example?

When I search for ansible_role = existing-and-used-role, the results only contain hosts which have the role directly applied. It does not show hosts which inherit the roles from their hostgroup.

At All Hostgroups the search for ansible_role is noticed as Invalid search query: Field 'ansible_role' not recognized for searching!

Expected outcome:
In my opinion the search in All Hosts should result in all hosts which will use the role, regardless if it is directly applied on the host or hostgroup level.

It should be possible to search for ansible_roles in HostGroups.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman 2.3.3 on Ubuntu 18.04
Foreman-Proxy on 2.3.3 on Ubuntu 18.04
Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
foreman-tasks 3.0.3
foreman_ansible 6.1.1
foreman_bootdisk 17.0.2
foreman_remote_execution 4.2.2
Distribution and version:
Ubuntu 18.04, installed the hard way via ansible
Other relevant data:

Thank you very much for any information on this.
Have a nice day!