Question: why ignoreschedules in puppet.conf?

Wondering why the provisioning template snippet for puppet.conf sets: ignoreschedules = true.

Since Foreman is an ENC it can’t set metaparameters like schedule. I’m planning on using Foreman but managing puppet code and manifests through r10k (partly so I can schedule in puppet). Is removing ignoreschedules going to affect Foreman?

I did a git blame on that line and it’s been like that for the last 7 years at least :slight_smile:

I’ll be honest and say I have no idea. says:

Boolean; whether puppet agent should ignore schedules. This is useful for initial puppet agent runs.

This is not very helpful. There is schedule which can be used to not apply resources at some time. This can be used to not restart a service in the middle of a day. AFAIK this has the issue that it will also not start a service if it isn’t running which makes provisioning hard. I suspect this is the reason.

Question to the community: who actually uses the schedule resource?

We used to use it for refreshing yum cache on our systems once per day, before yum-cron was a thing. Pretty sure we don’t have a use-case for that anymore.

If I submitted a PR that removed ignoreschedules, would that be accepted?

My understanding is that pluginsync is enabled by default in Puppet 3+ so that could be dropped too?