Questions and Request for Information

Hello All

I just have a few questions for the community, not a break/fix just wondering where i can find some information:

Where can i find slide decks/logos ?, im looking to create some youtube content on foreman.

Where can i find information/templates to build partitioning templates and provisioning templates from scratch ?

How do i import a .asc key into foreman as a content credential if possible ?

Can rpmfusion be added to foreman via repo discovery ?

Can ubuntu be added as a custom product ?

Alot of questions there, thank you everyone in advance for any and all information :smiley:

Includes also a slide deck: GitHub - theforeman/foreman-graphics: Logos and graphics relating to Foreman

Help is now integrated on a help tab of the templates:

And a bit aged: TemplateWriting - Foreman

Yes, by using the baseurl:
But it is probably slower than doing it manually if you do only need a small number of repositories.

Yes, but there are some limitations like you can not use it as synced content during provisioning, no errata support yet, …

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Thank you very much, much appreciated :smiley:

Please share your YouTube content with us when it’s ready!

There is one more thing about templates. We have a new page you can find under Administer > About > DSL Templates. It’s documentation similar to API docs, but regarding macros available to use within a template. There is also updated Help tab on that page.

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