Questions regarding the initial installation of Foreman & Katello

We are currently conducting tests using Foreman & Katello for automating the installation of OS on bare metal servers.

While going through the manual and conducting the tests, we have some questions regarding the initial setup.

We intend to use PXE or iPXE for the OS installation and would like to verify if the following setup will work without issues.

On a single server, Foreman, Katello, and Smart Proxy are all installed and operational.

It should be feasible to install the RedHat series, Debian series, and Windows OS using Foreman.

Upon checking the manual, we found that to use PXE booting, DHCP, TFTP, and DNS are required. For iPXE, HTTP, HTTPBoot, and TFTP are necessary, so we added these modules.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman 3.6 & Katello 4.8

Other relevant data:
foreman-installer --scenario katello
–foreman-initial-admin-username “admin”
–foreman-initial-admin-password “password”
–foreman-logging-level “debug”
–foreman-proxy-log-level “DEBUG”
–foreman-proxy-dhcp true
–foreman-proxy-dhcp-interface eno1
–foreman-proxy-dhcp-ipxe-bootstrap true
–foreman-proxy-dhcp-ipxefilename “
–foreman-proxy-dhcp-managed true
–foreman-proxy-dhcp-range “”
–foreman-proxy-tftp true
–foreman-proxy-tftp-listen-on both
–foreman-proxy-tftp-managed true
–foreman-proxy-dns true
–foreman-proxy-dns-interface eno1
–foreman-proxy-dns-listen-on both
–foreman-proxy-dns-managed true
–foreman-proxy-bmc true
–foreman-proxy-bmc-default-provider freeipmi
–foreman-proxy-bmc-listen-on both
–foreman-proxy-plugin-discovery-install-images true
–foreman-proxy-http true
–foreman-proxy-httpboot true
–foreman-proxy-template-url “
–foreman-proxy-templates-listen-on both