Rails 5.1 RPM Packaging Update

The following is a status update for Rails 5.1 packaging.


Foreman core has been successfully packaged as an RPM relying on Rails 5.1 and Ruby 2.4 and has passed pipeline testing. The nightly repositories now contain a Foreman running on Rails 5.1 and updated dependencies. This is the first big step to this work being fully completed.


Work has begun to get plugins and Katello built against Rails 5.1 and iron out any issues. There is a large PR [1] to foreman-packaging that contains updates to all packages in the plugins repository that is being used to detect issues either in the Rails 5.1 SCL or foreman packaging itself.

There are two currently outstanding PRs to tfm-ror51 that need review [2].

[1] https://github.com/theforeman/foreman-packaging/pull/2047 https://github.com/theforeman/foreman-packaging/pull/2044
[2] https://github.com/theforeman/tfm-ror51-packaging/pulls

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Another status update regarding plugins. At the time of this writing, a series of updates to plugin packages is being merged and rebuilt. This covers all known and working plugins that were able to be built. During this process plugins were identified that require updates for Rails 5.1 to continue working and be built. The list of plugins needing changes (or new releases):

  • Ansible
  • Azure
  • Bootdisk
  • Docker
  • Openscap
  • Discovery
  • Chef
  • Omaha
  • Remote Execution
  • Salt
  • Puppetdb

This does not include Katello which has its own build setup and is being worked on. Maintainers please work to get the code updated or a new release made available with 5.1 fixes.

For any plugin that does not get updated I am recommending we remove them from the nightly repositories to prevent user confusion especially when releasing 1.17.

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I just double checked the plugins I feel responsible for. All required changes for Rails 5.1 have been merged into the respective master branches. The only thing left is cutting releases.

  • Bootdisk
  • Omaha
  • Puppetdb
  • Monitoring
  • Expire Hosts

Both Monitoring and Expire Hosts need changes for Rails 5.1, but were not included in the list above.

When do you need the packaging PRs at the latest?


IMHO we should remove unsupported plugins before 1.17RC1 but it’d be easier if the updates are in prior to branching 1.17-stable in foreman-packaging. Not sure if we have a date for that yet.