Rails 5.2 SCL Buildout

The build out of a Rails 5.2 SCL has started for RPM packages. The previous tfm-ror51-packaging repository has been moved to rails-packaging and the previous tfm-ror51 to a branch. A new branch has been started, tfm-ror52, for capturing the new Rails 5.2 SCL. This SCL will be based on Ruby 2.5.

The tfm-ror52 will be built into Koji instead of Copr. While building tfm-ror51 in Copr was a good experiment, that mechanics of dealing with Copr were, in the end, more painful than simply using our existing Koji and following our existing workflows.

The goal is to have this SCL available in the next few weeks to move to Rails 5.2 as early in the 1.20 lifecycle as possible.


The work here hit a bump given the Koji environment does not always mimic local mock. This was related to having an old RHEL repository in use as an external repository, which in some cases, conflicts with certain packages. We have resolved this and merged the first large chunk of packages. Those are starting to build and then we’ll move on to the next tier of packages and so forth.