RancherOS PXE / iPXE boot and then further

Hey everyone,

Some searching has brought up some results however I am stuck at the pxe to
ipxe booting a rancheros install.

I have sofar baessed my progress on the CorOS implementation for
provisioing a minimal OS which then gets provisioned via a cloud-config.

I was just wondering if soem that do this successfully mind sharing their
setup ?

Basiclly what I am lookign for is :

  • Operating system settings
  • templates used and content wise
  • any special "hacks" to actually make it work ?!

The reason I am looking for this is because we use rancher extensivlly on
debian hosts , these however seem to kernel panic alot. CoreOS has issues
with some of the system calls made by rancher in our setup so RancherOS is
the logical sollution as it is stable. Now we can provision CoreOS simple
and quick via foreman , so we would liek to do the same with rancheros.

Thanks for any help and pointers in advance.