Re-organize Jenkins CI tabs

Based on some recent discussions, I’d like to propose some re-organization to the CI tabs in our Jenkins to better organize the output. The main focus is on organize the main landing page in order to focus it on the jobs that developers should focus on.

Existing Tabs

  • All
    • Keep as is to find index of jobs
  • Core
    • Drop
  • Dashboard (default)
    • Keep, change to focus on
      • nightly test jobs
      • packaging release jobs
      • release jobs
      • non-PR test jobs
  • Deployment
    • drop
  • Foreman pipeline
    • Drop although I’m not clear what this set of jobs is for exactly
  • Hammer
    • Keep
  • Installer
    • Keep and ensure it shows jobs for:
      • installer
      • kafo
      • puppet
  • Katello
    • drop
  • Nightlies
    • Keep
    • All nightly release and packaging jobs
  • PR tests
    • Keep
  • Packaging
    • Drop
  • Plugins
    • Keep
  • Proxy pipeline
    • Drop
  • Release jobs
    • Keep
    • All non-nightly release jobs
  • Status
    • Drop

This is the foreman (core package) nightly build pipeline. It’s insight into how we build from git repo to nightly packages. Why it shows the build RPM/Deb jobs twice is unclear to me. It can probably be replaced with a clearer view of that pipeline but the insight is important.

Same as above.