Re-Provisioning a Host Unable to Save Error: NoCompatibleHost: No host is compatible with the virtual machine

New Foreman/Puppet Dedicated OL8.3 Server
Installed Foreman 3x using Installer

Foreman GUI: Provisioning a ‘New’ Named host works successfully.

Re-Provisioning a ‘Deleted’ hostname using same hostname Errors as noted in Topic line above.

Expected outcome:
I should be able to ‘Delete’ a provisioned host and be able to re-provision it using the same name.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
3x - Latest offered as of 11/04/2021

Other relevant data:
dhcp.leases confirms that the existing hostname shows a ‘deleted’ status.

I suspect it is still within the default local postgres DB or there is a setting within the GUI that is required to be flagged to allow use of an existing hostname.

Awaiting a response from support and or the experts in the community whom are willing to assist.

Rolled back Main puppet/foreman server to snapshot prior to local DHCP configuration.

Created a new dedicated DHCP server.
Configured smart proxy and subnets are working with new DHCP server on Main puppet/foreman server.

Attempted to create a hostname using the same one as before and have the exact same error.
This eliminates the DHCP config as pertaining to the issue.

There is still the possibility that this existing hostname is within the local postgres db and or still residing within our VM infrastructure.

I will research if the server still exists within our TINTRI or VCenter servers.
I will login to the local Postgres DB and see if I can find an entry for that server.

Even if it is found within the DB, it should still be deleted so it can be reused.

Any further advise would be welcome.


Resolve issue.

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