Realm_ad failing to set computer password

Realm_ad is intermittently failing to set the computer password when creating a host account in active directory. If the kerberos requests that are made during the process are handled by our first domain controller (dc01) it works, if they are handled by any of the other controllers it fails (there are 2 additional in the given site).

realm_ad.yml config specifies dc01 as the domain controller to use.

Expected outcome:
Passwords should be able to be set consistently.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
0.1 of smart-proxy realm_ad plugin

Other relevant data:
The only difference in the success/failures as far as i can tell is the domain controller used when making the kerberos requests. The computer account is created, and enabled successfully, it is only setting the password that fails.

Relevant line in log file:
E, [2018-09-04T16:29:47.086425 bf42e274] ERROR – : Cannot set computer password: Authentication error