Rebasing PRs before testing

Time from time we run into issue, where we change plugin API for katello and the changes are already merged in core and Katello side. The PR are not usually on the latest develop and for some time they are failing until the change is propagated.

Wouldn’t it actually make sense to rebase every PR before testing on Jenkins? Especially in the katello pipeline.

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:+1: from me to rebasing in pr tests, that would also allow us to run e.g. [test foreman] again before merging instead of asking contributors to rebase every time a pr gets a little stale.

Looks like the current behaviour was introduced 3 years ago due to some issue with the commit sha being changed when rebasing:

Perhaps someone from @infra team knows if this is still relevant? Apparently Dominic didn’t eventually get around to restoring the previous behaviour.

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I am unaware if it’s still relevant or not. We’ve changed our plugins and interactions since then I believe. Best we could do is turn it on and monitor. The clone configuration has an option for this as you can see in the screenshot: