Red Hat repositories using developer license

I am trying to set up a local copy of the Red Hat repositories on my Foreman and Katello installation.
It seems to require a Red Hat manifest, which I can not find when I am logged into the RH portal. Is it because it requires a paid subscription? I am using the free developer subscription.

It seems like Red Hat changed something, mine stopped working and I see now a banner:

Before that it was possible, and I think I have my demo containing it now about 2 years. :frowning:

For some clarification:

You used to be able to create a manifest with just a developer subscription?
Was that manifest a Satellite manifest or a Subscription Asset Manager manifest?


Yes, and it was recommended to me by some Foreman developers, so I am not sure if it only hits me as external one. It is still there but unusable, so I added some pictures. From what I see I would say SAM, but I am not sure.