Red Hat Satellite and Ubuntu

I work in a predominantly Red Hat environment and am using Red Hat Satellite to manage it. We do have a small amount of Ubuntu. I would like to expand the use of Satellite to manage Ubuntu as well. I think this should be pretty straightforward when it comes to the provisioning part and doing configuration management via Ansible. The part that seems to be problematic is Satellite does not appear to have the deb content type available. It appears pulp-deb-plugins is not available from Red Hat. Is there a way to install these plugins so they work with Satellite 6.10?

I’ve not attempted this, but I suppose you could just install the plugin from foreman and enable the functionality via the installer. However, that would be unsupported by Redhat at least the plugin part, but potentially the whole deployment. I generally avoid going too far astray from the beaten path with Satellite.

Beyond that I’m test driving Katello 4.1, for managing Ubuntu content, and its not a smooth ride compared to RPMs. Registration seems to work with the packages from and errata is not fully possible at the moment, even with the tools from atix. Provisioning is possible for 20.04, but starting 21.04 it gets tricky as the installer is no longer available. All of these issues are being worked on. is a downstream product like Satellite, which supports Ubuntu and Errata out the box, so perhaps that might be what you looking for.


I did hear about orcharino, but I don’t really want two paid versions of Foreman/Katello. I’m kind of frustrated Red Hat appears to have taken out some basic functionality from Katello in Satellite.

I’m primarily interested in provisioning 18.04 and 20.04.

I’d be curious about the details of Ubuntu content not being a smooth ride.