RedHat boots into emergency mode after provisioning

RedHat boots into Emergency mode if kernel is updated during provisioning
This is a known issue and is even fixed Bug #35331: RHEL 9 provisioned host goes into emergency mode after initial reboot - Foreman

But what i’m wondering is, the issue states its fixed in release 3.5.0 but will it be ported to a 3.4.x release as well or do we need to wait until 3.5 release to get the fix for this?
It gets real tired real fast to have to provision a host, wait for it to finish to then update and reboot before handing it off (a whole extra 3 minutes of my time hehe)

Hi @birkirf,

It looks like the issue hasn’t been triaged yet, so it could very well make it into 3.4.z.

@lstejska is the fix for 35331 backportable to 3.4?

Cherry-picks for 3.4: CP 3.4 - Use Anaconda rhsm in kickstart for RHEL 9 by stejskalleos · Pull Request #9453 · theforeman/foreman · GitHub

@birkirf temporary workaround is to disable package upgrade during provisioning, you can do that by setting package_upgrade parameter to false