Redhat.repo empty after upgrade

Problem: I’ve upgraded my Foreman to 3.5.2, after completing the upgrade all my clients had their redhat.repo emptied

Expected outcome: No changes on redhat.repo

Foreman and Proxy versions: 3.5.2

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version: Rocky Linux 8.7 in the Foreman Server, Clients are Centos 7.9 and Rocky 8.x

Other relevant data:

hi @atarallo – what is the subscription status of these clients on the webui? does it show that the same subscriptions are assigned that were there before?

when you view the subscription manifest for your organization, (content → subscriptions) what content access mode is set for it?

you can also check from the CLI of one such client subscription-manager identity, subscription-manager status, and subscription-manager list --consumed.

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I’ve followed suggesions and did some tests from command line, on affected servers.

subscription-manager status
   System Status Details
Overall Status: Current

System Purpose Status: Not Specified
subscription-manager identity
system identity: 769950ea-aa8c-41db-aa9d-5a77a4c51b2e
org name: COMPANY
environment name: Produccion_-_No_critico/RL_8_Produccion

subscription-manager list --consumed
   Consumed Subscriptions
Subscription Name:   Rocky Linux 8
Provides:            Rocky Linux 8
SKU:                 635987255447
Serial:              4226273419119569217
Pool ID:             2c90899884f8099b0185a1696dad042d
Provides Management: No
Active:              True
Quantity Used:       1
Service Type:        
Service Level:       
Status Details:      Subscription is current
Subscription Type:   Standard
Starts:              01/11/2023
Ends:                11/30/2049
Entitlement Type:    Physical

The Hosts I manage with cockipt are RockyLinux 8.x, should take them all to RockyLinux 8.7 with latest patches.

Are there any repository sets on either the related activation key or on the hosts themselves? Also, is the organization using Simple Content Access? You can check that on the org itself I believe.

We deleted The repositorys. Made new ones for Rocky 8.x (download all latest patches) then suscribed again al hosts.