Redhat VM don't see Available License

I don’t know why, I have 9 RHEL servers which doesn’t seen available Redhat Virtual Licenses.
I’m sure that some weeks ago, at the beginning of my configurations there was OK. I changed my MANIFEST to add licenses and I think since only those servers don’t seen available licenses. OS are RHEL 6 and 7 on different esx hosts (which have licenses and some servers OK). When I delete and recreate server in content host,problem is the same.
I think that informations about the delete server are always somewhere in the database or in the Katello cache. I have errors in /var/log/messages on 2 or 3 servers :

Expected outcome:
Available License

Foreman and Proxy versions:

how could you explain the difference in the capture please :

Redhat release is 7.3, subscription-manager display 7.8 …

In Katello, it’s the same thing :


I will try and clarify the many things you posted in this thread one by one.

  1. When single hosts do not get their subscriptions properly, that is usually due to some outdated/non-matching hypervisor-guest-mapping. Have you tried rerunning virt-who to update your mappings? Does the content host page in Foreman show the System as running on the correct hypervisor?

  2. The errors in /var/log/messages you posted has nothing to do with your problem. Those are connection issues from katello-client to goferd, which will be removed from the Katello stack with Katello Version 4 anyways. The message indicates an authentication problem, I would assume. You could try reinstalling the consumer RPM and see if that helps.

  3. Is there any reason you are running Katello 3.15 RC2 instead of a stable release? RCs are for testing and finding bugs prior to release, not for running in production. I suggest you upgrade to the stable version ASAP.

  4. The mismatch in the information on your second post is because one information is regarding the subscription, which shows the latest supported RHEL version (7.8) and the other is regarding the system itself, which is running 7.3.


wtih the upgrade, all servers are full entitled. Thanks a lot.
I think that upgrade delete some entries (cache ? database ?) but I don’t know what.