Redhat VM don't see Available License

I don’t know why, I have 9 RHEL servers which doesn’t seen available Redhat Virtual Licenses.
I’m sure that some weeks ago, at the beginning of my configurations there was OK. I changed my MANIFEST to add licenses and I think since only those servers don’t seen available licenses. OS are RHEL 6 and 7 on different esx hosts (which have licenses and some servers OK). When I delete and recreate server in content host,problem is the same.
I think that informations about the delete server are always somewhere in the database or in the Katello cache. I have errors in /var/log/messages on 2 or 3 servers :

Expected outcome:
Available License

Foreman and Proxy versions:

how could you explain the difference in the capture please :

Redhat release is 7.3, subscription-manager display 7.8 …

In Katello, it’s the same thing :