Redis Adopts Dual Source-Available Licensing

As Foreman and its environment is making heavy use of Redis this will very likely affect us: Redis Adopts Dual Source-Available Licensing | Redis

Redis is our default rails cache, used by dynflow and pulp.

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Just for completeness: In Pulp, without Redis caching will just stop working. It is still possible to operate Pulp. The content app may be noticeable slower though.

Dynflow doesn’t really use redis directly, dynflow uses sidekiq and sidekiq uses redis. Apparently sidekiq can use dragonfly[1] instead of redis, but I’m not exactly sure if the license situation there is any better.

[1] - GitHub - dragonflydb/dragonfly: A modern replacement for Redis and Memcached

Yes, it looks unfortunately as the same type of license which will very likely not be recognized as free software by every one who cares.

Is there an Red Hat internal way to ping the legal team to have a look into this?

From the Hacker News discussion:

Looks like both Debian and Fedora consider the SSPLv1 non-free (and at least Fedora says the same for RSALv2) so it’s likely Redis will be dropped from the distros. And I suspect RHEL will follow Fedora.

For the caching aspect, we can consider alternatives like memcache but it’ll be interesting to see what the sidekiq community will do.

GitHub - dragonflydb/dragonfly: A modern replacement for Redis and Memcached is a potential replacement option

“Fully compatible with Redis and Memcached APIs, Dragonfly requires no code changes to adopt.”

At least for Foreman, we can keep an eye on Solid Queue for background processing.

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It’s licensed under BUSL-1.1 which Fedora lists under Not-Allowed Licenses :: Fedora Docs so that doesn’t sound like an improvement.

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I started a discussion in about this int the Argo CD community: Redis changes it's license to source available · argoproj/argo-cd · Discussion #17599 · GitHub

And i raised it with the CNCF following that: [License Exception Request] Argo CD vs Redis SSPL · Issue #750 · cncf/foundation · GitHub

I’m sure they are all having fun at KueCon EU in Paris this weekend tho


It feels like i should link this issue on here :person_shrugging:

there is also a relevant thread on the Fedora mailing list.

Linking up more discussions, Pulp is discussing it as well:

The Linux Foundation announced a fork of Redis called Valkey to keep an eye on.

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If anyone is willing to test, redict has reached EPEL and valkey has reached EPEL-Testing.