Redmine and Github syncing


Eric Helms and I are working on tooling to automate the downstream process
of cherry-picking and merging of Bugzilla issues into our downstream repos
for building. These Bugzilla issues correspond to upstream issues in
Redmine. Our script queries Redmine to find all the necessary commit hashes
required to bring the upstream feature into downstream. The necessary
commit hashes are found in the "Associated revisions" section of the
Redmine issue. For example [1]. However not all projects have this section
populated; whether they are misconfigured or not configured at all; example
[2]. We are asking for your help as owners of various Redmine projects to
make the necessary configuration changes to facilitate this capability.

I have created several PRs to add additional projects to the openshift cron
job that syncs the github project with the redmine issue [3].

I also noticed that some projects are listed in the cron job but don't
actually work correctly; hammer-cli for example [4]. This is possibly due
to the fact that it's missing a '.git' suffix on the url?

I'm willing to make whatever changes are necessary to the cron job file to
facilitate this functionality, but I don't have access to setup the
necessary changes on the Redmine side. I'm asking for your help as project
owners in Redmine to help enable this functionality. If you own a project
can you please check to ensure the "Associated revisions" section is being
populated for issues under your project?

[1] Bug #13852: no (obvious?) way how to configure user data support for OpenStack image via hammer - Foreman
[2] Feature #13874: Enable vertical list formatting - Hammer CLI - Foreman