Redmine + Github OAuth failing

The current Redmine + Github OAuth is failing to allow users to login after authorizing the application. The message returned by Redmine is “No verified email provided by GitHub, go and verify you email address on”. I have reached out to Github to confirm this isn’t an account issue and they were able to reproduce the issue with one of their test accounts. I have been holding off making an account directly as I would prefer to keep it tied to Github.

@tbrisker or @Marek_Hulan do you guys have an idea?

We’ve heard a similar report a couple of months ago, but thought it was an issue with a specific user. Apparently there is an issue on our side - perhaps GH changed something in the OAuth or some other api?
The source code for the plugin is at

And just to set the right expectation, I’m happy to merge whatever PR sent there but I have no time to fix it myself. In fact someone sent a fix that may help - if people want to test this out. We probably started to hit this after redmine upgrade.

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The fix has been merged and deployed to our Redmine.

Many thanks guys, can confirm it is working.