Redmine triage - Ansible

Our team is thinking about Foreman upstream triage for some time now. We would like to start with that regurarly, but first we want to test the waters and see what we can do during such triage and what to do with the tickets we triage. We have some initial idea in mind and we would like to test it out.

We are focusing on improving Ansible plugin ATM, so we figured it will be a good place to start, given the number of RM tickets in Ansible is quite low. We would like to go through the existing tickets to see if we can get some fixes and improvements to our current effort and learn the triage process.

Everyone who’s iterested is welcome to join.

Meeting URL:


So it would be about the untriaged tickets? Would should be prepared (dev box, latest release, foreman or katello, …)?

Not sure I can make it, but I will try.

It would be great to have this with more time to plan in the future if it becomes a regular event. This would allow me to assign it to a team member, move around my schedule or even get another colleague to join who is using the specific plugin/feature more often. (No critique, just for future improvement)

First round we’d like to go over all open tickets, because we don’t have clear idea what triaged mean, so it might be missflaged.
For ansible, box with working Ansible and one rex host to run against is enough just to test the current behaviour, but not everyone attending needs to have that, I’ll have the box ready.

We will just prioritize the issues in Redmine to know what to focus on, so you can review even later on, with suggestions. But I’ll keep this in mind and if we make it a regular event, I’ll share sooner :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I could not make it, did it happen to take place? Can you shortly summarize how it worked, what you achieved and how likely it is to become some regular thing?

Overall it went quite well, we’ve triaged 23 old bugs and closed some of them, sort others and marked some duplicates. We found out it was quite strugle, because we went from the oldest and the state of redmine tickets is really bad.

We would love to do this regular event, but we will discuss first what triaged should mean, as if we go over it, doesn’t mean someone will take a look into it. Having upstream board could be a solution, but I’m not sure how up-to date we can keep it.

But we plan to come up with something and definitelly plan regular event out of this, because state of our redmine is quite frustrating! :slight_smile:

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