Refresh expired manifest

How should the following situation behave?

We have a foreman and using rhel with it.
The manifest I use for it expired after content and hosts were created.

We´ve extended he subscription for the manifest and refreshed it via web-ui successfully

The content on the Foreman can now be synced again, but the hosts cannot access that content until

  1. the subscription is (again) added to the activation-key
  2. the associated content view is republished.

It is not possible to access content without step 2

I think this behavior might be causing trouble and wanted to ask if the behavior is normal?

foreman 3.1.3
katello 4.3.1

Hi @Richie

Are you using Simple Content Access? It sounds like you are in entitlement mode.

On the clients if you do subscription-manager refresh does anything change?

I would definitely recommend Simple Content Access as the other mode is depreciated and the ease of use is much better.

Hi @cintrix84

correct i´m using the entitlement mode.

subscription-manager refresh did not help.

Thanks i will have a look at.

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If your subscriptions have actually expired, this behavior is expected and even turning on SCA wouldn’t have helped. Make sure you renew your subscriptions before they expire; that’s the only way to prevent losing access to content.