Regenerate puppet server certificates


I’d like to regenerate the certificates of my puppet server (and I guess my clients?), because I need a cert that complies to RFC 2818 ( Missing this causes errors once the certs are being used by GOLANG (Go 1.15 Release Notes - The Go Programming Language) which is the case e.g. for This module makes use of the puppet certs:

By default this module will configure the backend to use Puppet’s SSL certificate and CA.

In Foreman :: Manual I do not find a hint on how to regenerate the cert as the problem should be solved in puppet server 6.15.3 ("SERVER%206.15.3").

Hi there,

I guess nobody had to deal with this so far? Well, maybe renewing the certs would be something that somebody has done recently?

Well replacing or renewing the puppet certificates is a puppet problem. Foreman doesn‘t really has much to do with that.