Register host to smart proxy while foreman server is down

Might be a silly question. but is it possible to register new hosts to a smart proxy, while the foreman core server is offline?

My POC environment consists of a foreman server with one smart proxy. I can register a host to either without issues. I can pull content from both as well. on the primary foreman server I run:
foreman-maintain service stop

from a client, I run the generated register host to smart proxy command:
curl -sS ‘…’

it returns with an Internal Server error.

Expected outcome:
while watching the /var/log/foreman-proxy/proxy.log the log shows a connection refused when the primary foreman server is offline. I am hoping that the smart proxy would queue up registrations and send them to the foreman core sever once it comes back online.

Did a miss a config to allow this to happen or does the primary core server have to be up 100% for host registrations

Foreman and Proxy versions:

The primary server needs to be up for registrations. This is because the backend service Candlepin (which enables registration) does not run on smart proxies; it only runs on the main Foreman/Katello server.

(this answer is for Katello installations; I’m not sure how it’s different if you have a Foreman-only setup.)

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Yup mine is foreman/katello so that answers my question. Thanks!